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vol.1Three-day, two-night Hiyama trip

Appreciate and enjoy autumnal blessings
from the sea and mountainsKaminokuni - Otobe Autumn Feast Course

Kaminokuni - Otobe Autumn Feast Course

Hiyama Trip

A leisurely trip to stroll around the lower Hiyama area is best in autumn - “shokuyoku no aki” (Autumn is for eating).
This course offers participants the chance to enjoy a variety of culinary delights from well-known traditional confections to innovative dishes made using fresh seafood. Take a break at the onsen when you feel tired after eating.
What's more, you can select from a variety of souvenirs. Take them home and remember Hiyama as you eat them!

Access Information

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Day 1



  • Approx. 50min.
  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 15min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • JR Kikonai Station
  • Travel by rental car
  • Guest House & Restaurant MiyazushiKaminokuni
    This restaurant's motto is to serve seasonal dishes made using fresh ingredients from the Sea of Japan. Awabi Takikomi-meshi (rice cooked with abalone) offers a refined taste.
  • Michi-no-Eki MonjuKaminokuni
    This Michi-no-Eki offers a variety of foods. A food festival is held here in September.
  • SABOCAFEEsashi
    Take a break at this lovely café in downtown Esashi.
  • Gokatteya HonpoEsashi
    Buy yokan (thick red bean jelly) warranted by the lord of Matsumae Domain as a souvenir.
  • Shigejiro-no-MiseEsashi
    Savor herring and other seafood dishes at this restaurant located close to Kamone Island.
  • Panya BeckyEsashi
    A lovely bakery popular among locals.
  • Sekikawa ShotenEsashi
    Kamome senbei (crackers) make a great small souvenir.
  • IchibankuraEsashi
    Take a break at this café with a wonderful ambience.
  • Sabo SekikawaEsashi
    Enjoy shiratama zenzai (sweet red bean soup with mochi) at this shop with a traditional atmosphere.
  • Ichi (ramen noodles)Esashi
    If you find yourself feeling a bit peckish, try these old-style ramen noodles.
  • Stay in Esashi Town
  • Ichibankura
Stay at a hotel

Day 2



  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 4min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 6min.
  • Approx. 6min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Approx. 15min.
  • Approx. 20min.
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Depart from Esashi Town
  • Handmade soba shop NagomiEsashi
    Enjoy gourmet nishin soba at this shop commanding an ocean view.
  • Michi-no-Eki Esashi Shigejiro HamaEsashi
    This Michi-no-Eki is packed with specialties from Esashi.
  • Shigejiro OnsenEsashi
    Drop by this onsen with outdoor baths.
  • Asunaro Pan CafeteriaAssabu
    Get the very popular black bean loaf made using black beans from Assabu.
  • Michi-no-Eki AssabuAssabu
    This Michi-no-Eki offers many delicious specialties such as black bean tea and croquettes.
  • Maei ShokudoAssabu
    Savor Miso ramen at a restaurant that has been loved in Assabu for 100 years.
  • Potato-digging experience farm
    (Uzura-machi 853, Assabu-cho)Assabu
    Potato-digging in the birth place of the May Queen variety.
  • Uzura OnsenAssabu
    Stop by a neighboring onsen once you've worked up a sweat.
  • Takino-anAssabu
    Enjoy inaka soba (literally “country soba,” which refers to noodles made with whole buckwheat) inside a structure with a traditional atmosphere.
  • Maei Shokudo
    Maei Shokudo
Stay at a hotel

Day 3



  • Approx. 10min.
  • Approx. 15min.
  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 2min.
  • Stay in Assabu Town
  • Taiho-zushiAssabu
    Enjoy sushi that doesn't come to you on a conveyor belt and gives you great value for your money.
  • Restaurant MisakiOtobe
    Eat your fill with dishes prepared using seasonal local ingredients.
  • ShimaOtobe
    Exquisite shio tonkotsu ramen that has gained popularity by word of mouth.
  • Yuri Monaka Honpo FukidoOtobe
    Buy Yuri Monaka made entirely from lily bulbs from Otobe as a souvenir.
  • Kitchen Café NodokaOtobe
    Indulge in creamy sea urchin pasta at a homey café.
  • Arrive at JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  • Lily bulb
    Lily bulb
  • Kitchen Café Nodoka
    Kitchen Café Nodoka
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