Travel to Hiyama

You are sure to discover many things about Hiyama
that no one has ever told you.

vol.1Three-day, two-night Hiyama trip

This trip is about more than making memories.
A profound learning experience
amidst the laidback atmosphere of the island Okushiri Extravagant Course

Okushiri Extravagant Course

Hiyama Trip

Take a trip to Okushiri to feel the power of this island that overcame massive damage from a natural disaster.
The miraculous recovery has brought with it a precious bounty of everything from fresh seafood to fine wine.
Magnificent views enjoyed while experiencing the easy flow of island time are of course part of the plan.

Access Information

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Day 1



  • Approx. 60min.
  • Approx. 15min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Approx. 26min.
  • Approx. 6min.
  • Approx. 45min.
  • Approx. 7min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Hakodate Airport
  • Travel by HAC (Hokkaido Air System)
  • Okushiri Airport
  • JikushoOkushiri
    A granite memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1993 tsunami.
  • Okushiri Tsunami MuseumOkushiri
    The tragic story of the massive tsunami has been passed down to today.
  • Cape Aonae (abalone recreational fishing)Okushiri
    The taste of abalone you catch yourself is particularly amazing.
  • Lunch in Aonae
  • Unimaru ParkOkushiri
    A park with a beautiful purple sea urchin monument.
  • Nabetsuru-iwaOkushiri
    A doughnut-shaped rock created by nature.
  • Kitaoimisaki Park (gallery)Okushiri
    The entire footpath is a gallery created by sculptor Masayuki Nagare.
  • Kamuiwaki Onsen Recreation HouseOkushiri
    The sunset glow viewed from the bath is stunning.
  • Okushiri WineryOkushiri
    After the factory tour, buy a bottle of wine as a souvenir to enjoy at dinner.
  • Jikusho
  • Cape Aonae (abalone recreational fishing)
    Cape Aonae
    (abalone recreational fishing)
Stay at a hotel

Day 2



  • Approx. 18min.
  • Approx. 18min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Meal at the hotel
  • Departure
  • Hiking at Mt. Tamashima (forest bathing)
    [meet at Nabetsuru-iwa]
    Enjoy a two-hour hike through the woods of Okushiri.
    • Mt. Tamashima
      Mt. Tamashima
    • Nabetsuru-iwa
  • Lunch in Okushiri
  • Miyatsu Bentengu ShrineOkushiri
    Benzaiten (a female deity often called Fuku-no-Kami, or Deity of Happiness) is enshrined on the hill.
  • Inaho Fureai Center (Inaho 216, Okushiri-cho, Okushiri-gun, Hokkaido)Okushiri
    A hands-on Magatama making activity to experience the history of Okushiri.
  • Sai-no-KawaraOkushiri
    A riverbank with many stone piles. This is the opening location for Okushiri's three major festivals.
  • Miyatsu Bentengu Shrine
    Miyatsu Bentengu Shrine
Stay at a hotel

Day 3



  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Stay in Okushiri
  • Departure
  • Nabetsuru-iwa CoastOkushiri
    A rock measuring 19.5 meters in height that is lit up at night.
  • Tsuji Shop at the Okushiri Port TerminalOkushiri
    Make sure to buy some bottled sea urchin!
  • Depart from the Okushiri Ferry Terminal
  • Arrive at Esashi Port
  • Travel by bus
  • Hakodate Airport
  • Nabetsuru-iwa Coast
    Nabetsuru-iwa Coast
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