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vol.1Three-day, two-night Hiyama trip

Soothe your soul amidst
nature and spiritual forces
from ancient times Kaminokuni - Imakane Power Spots Course

Kaminokuni - Imakane Power Spots Course

Hiyama Trip

With its long history, Hiyama is home to a number of old shrines and temples. In addition, there also are many spiritual spots filled with energy from nature. This trip's highlight is Otasan Shrine. The approach to the shrine is built on one of the steepest cliffs in Japan. Although you will need to be fully prepared to climb it, the energy felt there is incredible!

Access Information

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Day 1



  • Approx. 70min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 3min.
  • Approx. 14min.
  • Approx. 2min.
  • Approx. 1min.
  • To Hakodate by Hokkaido shinkansen
  • JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  • Depart for Kaminokuni by rental car
  • Kami-no-michi (Path of the Deity)Kaminokuni
    Walk up the stairs Ryujin (dragon deity) uses to visit the female deity of the mountains.
  • Old Sasanami ResidenceKaminokuni
    Visit the oldest private house in Hokkaido.
  • Kaminokuni Kannon-do HallKaminokuni
    This is the only place in Hokkaido where a Juichimen Kannon (Eleven-headed Kannon) carved by Enku can be seen.
  • Lunch in Kaminokuni
  • Esashi Ubagami Daijingu ShrineEsashi
    Visit the shrine where Ubagami (old lady deity), who is said to have saved people from famine, is enshrined.
  • Hokkeji TempleEsashi
    Appreciate the dragon painted on the ceiling and cherry blossoms.
  • Former Hiyama Nishi-gun District OfficeEsashi
    Engage in a stamp-making activity at a registered cultural property. (This activity is based on the story of Mikisaburo Rai, who wrote 100 poems in one day, and Takeshiro Matsuura, who made 100 stamps on which the title of each of Rai's poems were carved in one day.)
  • Stay at a hotel in Esashi Town
  • Kami-no-michi
    Kami-no-michi (Path of the Deity)
  • Former Hiyama Nishi-gun District Office
    Former Hiyama Nishi-gun District Office
Stay at a hotel

Day 2



  • Approx. 50min.
  • Approx. 30min.
  • Approx. 20min.
  • Approx. 20min.
  • Approx. 50min.
  • Approx. 30min.
  • Approx. 28min.
  • Meal at the hotel
  • Depart from Esashi Town
  • Matsumae Clan Castle RuinsAssabu
    The site of the last battle field of the Boshin War is now a famous cherry blossom viewing spot.
  • Reku-no-Mori (recreation forest)Assabu
    Experience forest bathing and see a gigantic 600-year-old tree.
  • Toi-no-MizuOtobe
    This natural spring water, which is called “water for life,” is located close to the Lawson convenience store in Tateura.
  • Renri-no-Eda Enkatsura Forest ParkOtobe
    Pray to a giant tree that has been worshipped since olden days as the deity of matchmaking.
    Kigan Road (a road lined with uniquely shaped rocks)Setana
    Feel the secret power of nature from oddly shaped rocks on Route 229.
  • Lunch at Mitsuwa ShokudoSetana
    Savor dishes prepared using fresh seafood from Setana.
  • Otasan ShrineSetana
    Climb up a sheer cliff to arrive at Hokkaido's oldest holy ground on a mountain.
  • Yutopia Usubetsu OnsenSetana
    Enjoy the natural blessings of a secluded and unattended onsen.
  • Stay at a hotel in Setana Town
  • Kigan Road
    Kigan Road
    (a road lined with uniquely shaped rocks)
  • Otasan Shrine
    Otasan Shrine
  • Awabi Sanso
    Awabi Sanso
    (public accommodation)
Stay at a hotel

Day 3



  • Approx. 8min.
  • Approx. 30min.
  • Meal at the hotel
  • Depart from Setana Town
  • Tamagawa ParkSetana
    Soothe your soul by visiting Tamagawa Shrine and viewing 300,000 narcissuses.
  • Tokoyo-no-Matsu (everlasting pine tree)Imakane
    Touch this giant 1,000-year-old tree. Many believe a spirit lives in this tree.
  • Hakodate Airport
  • Tamagawa Park
    Tamagawa Park
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