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Hiyama Trip

Recommended from March to May

Spring - a season when people are more in the mood to travel since it is getting warmer. In this season, the temperatures are moderate and cherry blossoms and many other flowers begin coming into bloom as if they are celebrating the melting of the snow. It is the best time to savor delicious food and recharge for the year. Why not stroll around colorful Hiyama, where pleasant spring breezes blow?

Hiyama Spring in Full Bloom Trip

Recommended from June to August

Summer - a time when there are more opportunities to get out with numerous marine and mountain activity options available. It is also the season when many take trips for summer vacation or other occasions. Hiyama in the summer offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed with children. How you enjoy this season of freedom is entirely up to you. Three courses are suggested to fully enjoy the summer months.

Hiyama Refreshing Summer Trip

Recommended from September to October

Autumn - a time when temperatures in the morning and evening begin to lower and trees start to turn color. There are more chances for traveling in this season thanks to the Silver Week holidays and three-day weekends. Hiyama, where leaves change color and deepen their tone gradually, is the ultimate destination for enjoying not only the autumn harvest but also the arts. (There is an expression in Japanese that literally means “autumn is for the arts” [i.e., geijutsu no aki]. This refers to the belief that autumn, a time of pleasant weather, is the best time of year to enjoy the arts. Autumn is also the season in which art exhibitions are held.) Many other new discoveries await you in this atmospheric streetscape.

Hiyama Autumn Colors Discovery Trip

Recommended from November to February

Winter - once signs of snow have been seen in each region, the arrival of the season for enjoying stunning views that can only be seen at this time of year is imminent. Looking out over the snowy landscape while soaking in relaxingly warm onsen brings a pleasant feeling of contentment. Winter leisure activities are another exciting experience that cannot be missed. Two courses for amazing winter experiences are suggested.

Hiyama Leisurely Winter Trip

A course for traveling around Hiyama

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