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Hiyama, which is blessed by fertile land and a sea of abundance, boasts an array of specialty products that please the palate. In addition to its abundance of ingredients, Hiyama has developed its own food culture through interactions with other parts of the country as the birthplace of Hokkaido. Hiyama offers the opportunity to fully enjoy the delicious flavors of Hokkaido, the origin of culinary delights.

Enjoy culinary delights

Okushiri Island
Seasonal sea urchin and abalone

The best season is from mid-July when wild sea urchin can be enjoyed. Delicious sea urchin and abalone that are a good value for your money.

Seafood raised in cold currents

Okushiri's Northern sea urchin is recognized as being of the highest quality among all sea urchin species, which are considered luxury products. Sea urchin raised in Okushiri exceeds the competition in terms of flavor and sweetness. Wild sea urchin is quite rare as it is only available for one month a year. Abalone cultured in Okushiri is also superb. The excellent taste of abalone grilled alive can only be enjoyed where it is produced. Enjoy truly fresh abalone just out of its shell.

Okushiri Island urchin and abalone

Nishin soba

The nishin soba in Kyoto also originated in Esashi. Delight in the traditional taste of Hokkaido!

Original nishin soba

Nishin soba in Kyoto is a dish created using herring once delivered from Esashi on Kitamae Ships. It is said that the dish developed into two types: one is Kyoto's nishin soba, which has an elegant taste and is made using light soy sauce, and the other is Hokkaido's nishin soba, which has a deep flavor and is made using dark, strong-flavored soy sauce. This means that Hokkaido-style nishin soba originated in Esashi. In Esashi, the taste of nishin soba that has been passed down for about 100 years can be enjoyed in various places.

Esashi Nishin soba

Atka mackerel cut open and dried

Savor the real freshness of atka mackerel grown in the fertile fishing grounds of Kaminokuni.

Atka mackerel is now recognized as high-quality fish.

Atka mackerel is basically a migrant fish found in the adjacent waters off Hokkaido. It is easily perishable and not suited for transport. Furthermore, the fish eat herring roe, which means it was not welcomed. However, it has gained a reputation for its wonderful flavor thanks to its thick, fatty meat. Among atka mackerel species, that caught in Kaminokuni is superior to those caught in southern Hokkaido. Atka mackerel enjoyed where it is produced is excellent in terms of both freshness and taste. It's a taste you won't forget.

Kaminokuni Atka mackerel cut open and dried

May Queen

Original May Queen potatoes grown amidst the abundant nature of Assabu are flavorful, sweet, and have a perfect texture.

  • Assabu May Queen1
  • Assabu May Queen2
A beautiful appearance and delicious flavor befitting the name

May Queen potatoes are originally from England. Assabu is the first place where this potato variety became well-established in Japan. Experimental production began in 1925. Although this potato variety was delicate back then, the fertile climate of Assabu has helped it become established in this region. After 40 years of improvement, Assabu's May Queen potatoes have received nationwide acclaim. At the Assabu Furusato Summer Festival, the world's largest croquette made using May Queen potatoes is cooked and served.

Yume Pirika

The sweetness and stickiness of Imakane's Yume Pirika make it the highest quality rice cultivated in Hokkaido. This special Yume Pirika is nurtured with the clear water of the Shiribeshi-Toshibetu River.

Imakane Yume Pirika1
Imakane Yume Pirika2
A pure natural environment and highly sophisticated technology

The Shiribeshi-Toshibetu River was once blessed with alluvial gold and experienced a golden age. Rice in Imakane is nurtured with water ranked numerous times as being the best in Japan. The golden rice grown by farmers, who have painstakingly prepared the soil and carefully chosen the variety, is kept in more than 196 rice storage rooms to maintain its quality. The Yume Pirika variety, whose taste has been recognized as being top class, is highly recommended among rice varieties produced in Imakane.

Wakamatsu Porkman

Delicious pork grown in the natural environment of Setana is for grown-ups. This pork brand has even received a Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award.

Stress-free pigs

Wakamatsu Porkman pigs are grown at the foot of Mt. Karibayama, which is the highest peak in southern Hokkaido, and raised with clean air, clear water and high-quality feed. This pork raised in pig houses where hygiene is thoroughly controlled without stress has a fine, tender texture and rich flavor that is not persistent. This brand of pork has received a Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award and gathered much attention at fairs for its excellent quality.

  • Setana Wakamatsu Porkman1
  • Setana Wakamatsu Porkman2
  • Setana Wakamatsu Porkman3
Otobe Lily bulbs2

Lily bulbs

Otobe's lily bulbs are grown with great care and used at high-class Japanese-style restaurants in Kyoto. Please try them.

The best quality lily bulbs grown by skilled masters

Otobe's lily bulbs feature a fluffy texture and faint sweetness. It takes three years to harvest them. They are produced with great care based on a traditional cultivation technique to achieve the highest quality and are highly acclaimed. Its high quality made it possible to win the Japan Agriculture Award in 1979. Otobe's lily bulbs can be casually enjoyed with Yuri Monaka of Yuri Monaka Honpo Fukido, which is made entirely from lily bulbs.

Otobe Lily bulbs1
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